Marketing Trends You Should Not Ignore When Crafting Your 2023 Marketing Plan

In an ever-changing landscape, today’s marketers are required to stay on their toes. Full Story: Forbes

How to Use SWOT Analysis to Strengthen Your Marketing Strategy

SWOT Analysis provides an effective and efficient way of measuring your marketing strategy’s success. Full Story: Entrepreneur

10 Crucial Benefits and Tips for In-House Marketing

A look at the advantages of in-house marketing for brands, best practices and how to know if it’s right for your business. Full Story: Entrepreneur

5 Marketing Tips to Position Your Brand for Success in 2023

This annual feature includes advice on how to run a more efficient and profitable retail business. Full Story: Total Retail

New marketing trends that work

Every January, marketing pros come out with their “top trends” to watch for the upcoming year. Full Story: The Business Journals

12 Easy Steps To Build Your Personal Brand On Social Media

Building and maintaining my personal brand is an important part of my job. Full Story: Forbes

Expert Social Media Marketing Predictions For 2023

Experts share their predictions for social media and what trends marketers should watch out for in 2023. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

7 new social media features you need to know this week

New year, new social media features to explore. Full Story: PR Daily

How To Create A Social Media Strategy In 9 Steps

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook and TikTok are a powerful way to reach your targets. Learn how to develop a strategy to use them. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

How Businesses Can Protect Their Social Media And Online Reputations

Social media is a huge part of our daily personal and business lives in today’s digital age. Full Story: Forbes

On-Page SEO: How Many Links Is Too Many On A Webpage?

Creating links is an essential part of on-page search engine optimization (SEO). Full Story: Forbes

What Is A Pillar Page? How They Can Help Your SEO

Learn what a pillar page is, how it can help your S.E.O. efforts, and see some examples of pillar pages in action. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

SEO: How to Index a Page in Google

Google generates organic search listings from its database of hundreds of billions of web pages. Full Story: Practical Ecommerce

A 5-step framework to scale your content operations and SEO

Don’t let a lack of content operational system sabotage your SEO success by killing output, slaughtering velocity and maiming morale. Full Story: Search Engine Land

Creating an Effective SEO Strategy: A Comprehensive Guide

If you want your business or website to be found online, search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial. Full Story: StupidDope

Which SEO Skills Are Required For A Successful 2023?

The year 2023 is upon us all and a new year means welcoming new changes. Full Story: Digital Information world

5 Ways to Make Money Through a Mobile App for Your Business

More businesses are crafting mobile apps as sources of revenue, so it’s critical to fully understand the potential revenue models. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Maximizing Employee Engagement and Productivity with a Custom Mobile App

Employee engagement and productivity are crucial factors in the success of any organization. Full Story: Splash Magazines

Twitter’s Looking to Launch Advanced Search in its Mobile App

It’s been in the works for a while, and now, Twitter’s getting close to launching its advanced search filters on mobile, Full Story: SocialMediaToday

PPDS to unveil digital signage that ‘needs no power’ at ISE

As well as launching the ‘world’s most energy-efficient, eco-friendly’ digital signage range, Full Story: AV Magazine

Four hot tips to make your DOOH advertising leap off the screen

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) offers unique ways of capturing audience attention and driving real-world impact. Full Story: The Drum

4 Ways Luxury Retailers Are Using Digital Signage To Their Advantage

If you ever take your Mercedes in to have some work done, you are going to see several digital signs as they walk you through the details of what needs doing. Full Story: Salon Prive Magazine

5 Email Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2023

Email marketing continues to be a powerful and effective tool for businesses of all sizes, Full Story: SF Gate

Why e-mail marketing gives you the best ROI

E-mail marketing has, for years now, been a great way of reaching out to potential customers in an effective and cost-efficient manner. Full Story: Digital Journal

The 5 Mistakes That Could be Killing Your Email Marketing Productivity

Not only is email one of the most cost-effective channels (with an ROI as high as 3,600%), Full Story: MartechSeries

Three Major Trends That Will Shape E-Commerce In 2023

For many businesses, 2022 could not end sooner. The U.S. entered a recession last summer, Full Story: Forbes

How Does Your E-Commerce Store Live Up To Clients’ Standards?

What does it take for a business to be successful in today’s climate? Full Story: Forbes

How To Reduce E-Commerce Returns After The Holidays With UGC

Retailers are dreading insurmountable return costs from Q4 holiday purchases. Full Story: Forbes

3 Easy Ways to Integrate Videos Into Your Ecommerce Strategy

Embedding the right video into your online content, be it your homepage, service pages, social media, or blog, can make a significant impact. Full Story: Mac Sources

The effects of PR campaigns for small businesses

Public relations campaigns are also an important tool to build and enhance relationships with customers. Full Story: Sunday Observer

Public Relations Practice in an Algorithm-Driven Complex World

One of the most misunderstood fields in media and communications is Public Relations. Full Story: Tekedia

The Benefits of PR in Modern Day Marketing

Reputation is arguably the single most important success metric of every business. It doesn’t matter if your business is big or small, Full Story: MartechSeries

3 web development trends you should know about

What’s trending today is easily forgotten by the time tomorrow rolls around. Full Story: Fast Company

How to Improve Your Web Development Process With React

React is a powerful JavaScript library that has revolutionized the way developers build web applications. Full Story: Hackernoon


Are you deciding whether to go with custom website development or choose from one of the many website templates available? Full Story: INSC Digital Magazine

Top 10 Marketing Automation Software + How to Choose the Right One

Digital marketing is increasingly becoming complex as marketers juggle numerous channels, Full Story: Influencer Marketing Hub

Applications of Artificial Intelligence Across Various Industries

Potential applications of artificial intelligence continue to expand as more people adopt the technology. Full Story: Forbes

Will OpenAI’s ChatGPT Change Law Firm SEO?

Recently, OpenAI invited the public to demo its chatbot. Full Story: Forbes

Marketing analytics: What is it and why is it important?

If you’re devising new strategies to boost your business, there’s one component you need to consider implementing — marketing analytics. Full Story: Tech Buzz Ireland

Six business intelligence trends for 2023

The adoption of business intelligence tools is expected to continue to rise in 2023, Full Story: Zawya

10 Skills to Learn to Become a Business Intelligence Analyst

Aspiring to become a business intelligence analyst and make a name for yourself? Check out these skills you’ll need to learn. Full Story: Makeuseof

Tips For Being Head Marketer For The Brand Called You

Let’s face it: Today’s workplace is more virtual and less hierarchical than ever. Full Story: Forbes

Branding via Youtube — Vital or Obsolete?

YouTube is known as one of the most influential platforms for building a brand. Full Story: GStyle Magazine

How to design a logo for your website

Having a great logo is essential for any website looking to make its mark on the internet. Full Story: Techradar

How To Reset Your Amazon Echo Dot (Every Generation)

There are two ways to reset Amazon’s Echo Dot, which every user should know how to do in the event it starts acting up. Here are the steps. Full Story: ScreenRant

How Voice Technology Influences What We Reveal About Ourselves

Information disclosure in the era of voice technology. Full Story: National Mortgage Professional



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