7 Digital Marketing Concepts That Will Matter In 2023

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving. In 2023, marketers will likely see even more shifts — some volatile. Full Story: Forbes

3 Digital Marketing Strategies That Will Save You 20 Hours Every Week

As an entrepreneur, you know that time is money. That’s why saving 20 hours per week is essential if you want to grow your business faster and easier. Full Story: Entrepreneur

50 Marketing Terms You Should Know

Here is a list of 50 essential marketing terms and their definitions. Full Story: The Cognate

6 Mindsets Every Entrepreneur Must Adopt to Maximize the Power of Marketing Psychology

Here are six key mindsets I believe every entrepreneur needs to reach their business goals through marketing psychology. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Using Industry-Targeted Inbound Marketing To Generate Leads

People often rely on digital means to find solutions to their problems. Full Story: Forbes

What Is The Content Marketing Funnel?

Move a customer smoothly along the content marketing funnel by optimizing your content at every stage. Here’s what you should know. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

7 Best Social Media Management Software of 2023

In today’s digital landscape, many customers will first turn to a company’s social media platforms even before researching customer reviews. Full Story: Nasdaq

What Social Media’s On-Going Downfall Means For Retail Brands

Digital marketing and social media in particular have had some ups and downs over the last few years. Full Story: Forbes

How Social Media Will Shape E-Commerce’s Future

One of the most remarkable economic statistics over the past three years is how e-commerce saw ten years of growth in three months. Full Story: Solutions Review

Twitter Invites Businesses to Sign-Up for ‘Verification for Organizations’

Twitter is now inviting businesses to sign-up for its coming ‘Verification for Organizations’ subscription offering. Full Story: SocialMediaToday

3 new social media features you need to know about this week

Social networks are coming out of the holidays like the rest of us, so it’s been fairly quiet on the updates front. Full Story: PR Daily

The Power Of Social Media In Recruiting

Social media has become integral to every aspect of business operations, from branding to selling products to customer service. Full Story: Forbes

5 Simple SEO Strategies to Improve Your Rankings

Every online business needs to integrate an SEO strategy into its marketing plan. Full Story: Entrepreneur

6 Ways SEO Pros Are Using ChatGPT Right Now

New AI-powered chatbot shows great potential for revolutionizing search engine optimization. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

39 Essential SEO Tools to Dominate Every Aspect of Google

Are you looking for ways to improve your presence on Google? Want to work on every aspect of your website’s SEO? Full Story: Full Story: SocialMediaToday

Free SEO Tools To Help You Dominate Your Competition As A Beginner SEO

Check out these free SEO tools that can help you go from beginner to SEO pro. Get free link reports, indexability reports, and more. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

SEO: Can Google Crawl Your Links?

Internal links on a website are a critical organic ranking factor for Google. Links help Google both discover pages and assign rankings based on quantity and location. Full Story: Practical Ecommerce

Why Mobile Marketing Is Growing So Fast

It’s hardly news that mobile phones and other devices are more and more widely used each year. Full Story: Forbes

Your Mobile App Needs AI. Here Are 3 Ways to Harness Its Power (and Why It Matters).

For business owners with mobile apps, machine learning can change the game for your company. Full Story: Entrepreneur

What are the Free Tools for Mobile App Testing with Appium?

Does an open-source tool exist? Yes, it does, and the most prominent example is; mobile app testing with Appium. Full Story: The Dubrovnik Times

Why is Digital Signage the Need of the Hour?

Reopening and conducting business after the pandemic phase posed serious threats to the working of commercial firms as the safety of the workers and employees was at stake. Full Story: CIOReview

The LED Studio announces solar powered display

The LED Studio, a digital signage firm, has announced a solar powered display with a focus on DOOH use cases, called the Aegis Pro, Full Story: Digital Signage Today

Betterment bets on DOOH strategy

Betterment, an investment app, has invested in a DOOH strategy, Full Story: Digital Signage Today

Effectively Measuring Email Marketing — A How To

Measuring, analysing and acting on the data gathered during your email marketing is vital if you are to prove how your channel is performing in comparison to others within the marketing stack. Full Story: MartechSeries

How Email Marketing Can Maximize Recurring Revenue

The secret? Be strategic, not tactical. Full Story: Builtin

Why Mobile Marketing Is Growing So Fast

It’s hardly news that mobile phones and other devices are more and more widely used each year. Full Story: Forbes

5 Methods to Grow Your E-Commerce Operations

The COVID-19 pandemic was a world-changing event that has hugely impacted e-commerce.Full Story: Total Retail

13 Profitable E-Commerce Business Ideas You Can Easily Start In 2023

To evaluate inclusions for this list of profitable e-commerce business ideas for 2023, Full Story: Forbes

How To Create A WordPress Ecommerce Website

A comprehensive guide on how to create a WordPress ecommerce website and establish your online sales presence. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

6 Reasons To Start Your Own E-Commerce Store

If you’re an ambitious entrepreneur looking for a lucrative venture to launch this year, Full Story: Startupguys

Nine Tips To Help Introverted Entrepreneurs Tackle PR Confidently And Successfully

For an introverted or shy entrepreneur, public relations may not be a favorite activity — but it’s a necessary one. Full Story: Forbes

2023 Forecast: 10 PR Trends We’d Like To See

Industry leaders, along with PRovoke Media editors, weigh in on the trends they would like to see as the PR industry aims to rebound from the global pandemic. Full Story: Provoke Media

How Search Engine Optimization And Public Relations Serve Different Purposes

I think about search engine optimization (SEO) and public relations (PR) as two siblings living under the same roof. Full Story: Forbes

Why is Wireframing crucial in Website Designing?

When explained in architectural terms, a wireframe is a blueprint of a website. Full Story: Customer Think

12 of the Best Website Builder Tools and Platforms for 2023

Having a website is non-negotiable for modern businesses, but developing an attractive website that aligns with a brand. Full Story: Solutions Review

Top 10 Programming Languages that Data Scientists Should Know in 2023

The advancement in technology has resulted in organizations relying on programming languages like never before. Full Story: Analytics Insight

Top web development tools programmers need this year

Code Institute’s Daragh Ó Tuama explores the tools that programmers should be familiar with to get ahead in their career this year. Full Story: Siliconrepublic

Artificial intelligence in strategy

AI tools can help executives avoid biases in decisions, pull insights out of oceans of data, and make strategic choices more quickly. Full Story: Mckinsey

15 Creative Ways Marketers Can Use AI To Build Connections With Consumers

With so many potential digital touch points and paths to brand awareness and eventual conversion available, Full Story: Forbes

Top 10 AI Tools That Will Increase the Company’s Sales

Artificial intelligence revolutionizes companies and industries but has been touched upon in a way that redefines marketing and sales. Full Story: Analytics Insight

Top 10 BI Software Tools to Look Out For in 2023

Every year, it becomes more difficult to ensure that all business processes are under check as firms of all kinds struggle to manage the enormous amounts of data being created. Full Story: Analytics Insight

Five Data Analytics Trends On Tap For 2023

There’s no debate: Data is one of the most valuable assets for businesses today. Full Story: Forbes

Five Fundamental Aspects for Seeking Analytics and BI Platforms

Fundamental aspects for seeking analytics and BI platforms, prioritize these aspects to meet the business needs. Full Story: Analytics Insight

CEO Branding Strategies For 2023 And Beyond

The year 2022 has been memorable in many ways. Full Story: Forbes

Is internal branding a thing? Or is walking the talk the actual art?

What a day and age this is. Tasks are piling up, we all need to be the best version of ourselves, Full Story: Geektime

Need a smart home assistant? Here’s why you should get the latest Amazon Echo Dot

The all-new Echo Dot 5 is affordable and features great sound quality for a small device. Full Story: Gulf News

New Android Auto Upgrades Google Assistant With Suggestions, Shortcuts, WhatsApp Phone Calls

Google has released a new version of Android Auto with a new look and features, including Google Assistant enhancements. Full Story: Voicebot



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