5 Key Marketing Trends For 2023 And Beyond

Now that we’re firmly in the throes of 2023, you might be starting to think about different marketing strategies to help boost your business. Full Story: Forbes

5 Predictions For Digital Marketing In 2023

The field of digital marketing is rapidly evolving alongside constant updates to search engine algorithms, consumer shifts and technological progress. Full Story: Forbes

How To Run Growth Marketing During A Recession

It is an exciting time to be a business, the opportunity for expansion online is infinite. Full Story: Forbes

5 Tips For Building Your Gen Z Marketing Strategy

According to a 2018 Pew analysis, “post-millennials” are the most ethnically and racially diverse generation to date. Full Story: Forbes

How to Build an Effective Word-of-Mouth Marketing Strategy

Word-of-mouth marketing works best for products and services that involve the sentiment of trust. Full Story: DevProJournal

Nine Ways Any Business Can Improve The Quality Of Their Video Marketing

Whether you’re creating a short ad for TikTok or a longer-form video series on YouTube, Full Story: Forbes

6 Tips for Marketing Your Online Business

Thanks to the power of the internet, and the accessibility of technology, there has never been a better time to open a business that is purely online. Full Story: startupguys

14 Communications Experts Predict The Biggest Social Media Trends Of 2023

With its many platforms and wide reach, social media has become one of the most powerful marketing tools for businesses of all sizes in recent years. Full Story: Forbes

9 new social media features you should know about this week

Including news from Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Full Story: PR Daily

Using Social Media And Digital Marketing Metrics To Develop Or Change Your Brand Image

Developing and changing your brand image, or even just changing where you focus on your brand, can be challenging. Full Story: Forbes

8 Growth Hacks for Social Media Marketers

Social media marketing is part of an ever-changing landscape. Full Story: Digital Information World

Building An Integrated Search Strategy

Simply duplicating what works for one search engine on another won’t do. Here’s how to categorize your keywords using an integrated approach. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

8 aspects of a sustainable SEO strategy

SEO doesn’t have to be tanked by constant changes. Learn how to do SEO sustainably while mitigating risk and focusing on priorities. Full Story: Search Engine Land

Four Takeaways from Google’s Updated Link Guidance

Google’s expanded guidance on links tracks surprisingly close with what is known about their algorithms and with HTML best practices. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

Effective SEO Tips to Rank Better Today

Are you feeling stuck trying to figure out how to increase your website’s visibility in search results? You’re not alone. Full Story: River Journal

An Easy 4-Step Guide To Improving SEO With Powerful Topic Clusters

Learn how to easily merge content and SEO to successfully rank at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) using topic clusters. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

6 Benefits of Having a Mobile App for Your Business

Lots of people are launching their businesses without considering building a mobile app, but here are six benefits of creating one for your business. Full Story: Entrepreneur

What Is Mobile Marketing Why Is It Important?

The history of mobile marketing can be traced back to the early 2000s when mobile phones started to become more popular and affordable. Full Story: Rebellion Research

The Most Promising Trends in Mobile App Development for 2023

Applications are essential to our day-to-day existence. Full Story: Qcostarica

The power of digital signage: Why in-store touch points can revolutionise the customer experience

We’re living in a world dominated by the visual medium. Full Story: Customerthink

8 Ideas to Measure Digital Signage Success

After you’ve installed your digital signage system, the job isn’t done. Full Story: Digital Signage Today

How to choose the best OOH locations for your ads

There’s always been a time and a place for OOH — but contextual data is unlocking smarter ways for advertisers to better integrate with communities. Full Story: The Drum

Prepare for an unpredictable economy with email marketing

Don’t let your brand suffer because of the economic pressures ahead. Full Story: Martech

5 charts to enhance your email marketing strategy

Email marketing is still one of the most efficient ways to target customers and drive conversions. Full Story: Insider Intelligence

Tips On How To Write Powerful Re-Engagement Emails With Examples

Emails have fully replaced other forms of communication in the digital age, especially for business exchanges. Full Story: Officechai

Three E-Commerce Trends That Will Change How We Shop In 2023

E-commerce is no longer a rising tide for all categories and brands. Full Story: Forbes

11 Ways To Help Your E-Commerce Business Stand Out In A Digital Marketplace

During a financial meltdown, it often makes practical sense when a small business. Full Story: Forbes

Why Your E-Commerce Site Needs More Payment Options

In today’s online-centric world, every salon needs a website, whether it’s to sell products or services — or both. Full Story: Salontoday

How To Be A Great Public Relations Client

Companies around the world spend billions of dollars on public relations (PR) each year, and for good reason. Full Story: Forbes

Three Things Companies Can Do To Boost Public Relations In 2023

The market might be a bit uncertain, but there is opportunity for new public relations (PR) strategies that can keep your business moving forward in 2023. Full Story: Forbes

Five Ways To Use Transcriptions To Improve Market Research

According to Statista, around 64% of experts within the market research industry use transcription services. Full Story: Forbes

Market Research and How to Conduct It Like a Pro

Market research is an essential part of any successful business plan. Full Story: Global Trade

How To Create A Website

Planning to create a website requires an intention and purpose to create content to reflect on your ideas, and sharing it on the internet to communicate with online users. Full Story: Forbes

Top 10 Coding Languages to Learn to Work in Tech in 2023

If you are curious to make a career in coding, check these top 10 coding languages to learn. Full Story: Analytics Insight

JAVA vs PYTHON: Exploring the Differences and Similarities

The article will provide an in-depth comparison of Java and Python, two popular programming languages used in a wide range of software development projects. Full Story: Analytics Insight

Artificial Intelligence Content: Marketing Friend Or Foe? Three Ways To Use AI Content Tools

Everyone is talking about them. And by them, I mean new artificial intelligence (AI) content-generation tools that can write your next blog, Full Story: Forbes

9 Ways Marketing Automation Will Grow Your Business in 2023

There’s a lot of buzz around automation right now, and if marketers aren’t automating already, they are missing out. Full Story: CMSwire

5 Ways AI Can Help Your Startup

Startups are embracing artificial intelligence (AI) faster and faster, a revolutionary technology making waves in the technology sector. Full Story: Startupguys

How AI Will Forever Change The Face Of Corporate Communications And PR

By now, just about every communications professional has seen the magic of AI. Full Story: Forbes

Why Business Intelligence Is So Important To Business Development

We live in an age where business intelligence is more key to a company’s survival than ever. Full Story: Forbes

16 Mistakes That Make Brands Seem Inconsistent To Audiences

The entire point of branding is to ensure consumers associate your products or services with high quality, Full Story: Forbes

Six Graphic Design Trends To Lookout For In The Year 2023

The world of graphic design is all about expressing yourself in the most unique manner. Full Story: Digital Information World

Tips to use Bixby voice input by enabling Samsung keyboard issued by Samsung

You might have heard of Bixby voice assistant announced by Samsung in 2017 which is a digital voice assistant for Samsung devices, Full Story: Thetechoutlook

How to change Siri’s language?

Siri is a virtual assistant designed by Apple and released in 2011. Full Story: Candid Technology



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