5 Steps To Recession-Proof Your Data Marketing Strategy

Gilbert Corrales is CEO of Leaf, an end-to-end performance marketing solutions company based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Full Story: Forbes

Can Marketing To Your Employees Improve Customer Experience?

Successful marketing campaigns often share one successful tactic; they invoke an emotion that people associate with the brand. Full Story: Forbes

12 Powerful Email Marketing Tips You Need To Know

When it comes to email marketing, there’s a lot to consider. We’ve got you covered with these top 12 email marketing tips. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

Balancing Your Marketing Strategy With Digital And Traditional Methods

Entrepreneurs often don’t know much about marketing their business. Full Story: Forbes

Marketing To Gen Z: How To Do It The Right Way

Want to deliver great marketing strategies and tactics that activate your Gen Z audience? Here’s the why, what and how of marketing to Gen Z. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

12 Essential Elements Of Successful Account-Based Marketing

The concept of account-based marketing — where B2B businesses treat each key account that helps sustain their healthy growth. Full Story: Forbes

5 Marketing Hacks Every Entrepreneur Should Know

An established international entrepreneur & expert marketer who has successfully built multimillion-dollar businesses. Full Story: Forbes

Finance Marketing: How To Form A Successful Content Strategy

Our Content Marketing For Finance ebook will guide you on how to overcome finance content roadblocks & plan a content strategy that converts. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

5 Crypto Marketing Fails and How to Avoid Them

Cryptocurrency today is a trillion-dollar industry. According to The Motley Fool, over 12,000 cryptocurrencies existed in the digital space in mid-2022. Full Story: Forbes

Three Holiday Marketing Tips For Retailers Navigating Inflation

Yvethe Tyszka is a creative and dynamic global marketing executive at Zesty Paws & Solid Gold Pets. Full Story: Forbes

How To Use Social Media To Promote A Product Without Wasting Your Time

Social media can feel like a complete waste of time, especially for companies trying to market a product or service. Full Story: Forbes

6 Ways To Engage Your Organic Search Traffic On Social Media

Whether you’re new to organic growth or you want to expand your organic search reach, this simple six-step guide will help you engage your traffic using Facebook lookalike audiences. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

How to Grow Your Travel Business on TikTok

As social media platforms adapt to market trends, video content has quickly gained in popularity. Full Story: Travel Pulse

5 Things People With Disabilities Look For In Social Media

The recent turmoil with Twitter has prompted many online disabled people to think more deeply about what they really need and want from social media platforms. Full Story: Forbes

Social Media Platform Updates for November 2022

Here is a list of notable feature updates in November from leading social media platforms — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. Full Story: Practical E-commerce

Why Everyone In Your Business Wins With SEO

SEO can only help (not hinder) your company’s growth. Discover how SEO can collaborate with other channels beyond driving traffic. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

Biggest Challenges Facing SEO In 2023

Our State of SEO report finds machine learning & AI, Google updates, and third-party cookie deprecation are the greatest expected shifts in SEO in 2023. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

3 big reasons businesses can be thankful for SEO

As we head into the holiday season and a time of giving thanks, here are three reasons businesses can be thankful for SEO. Full Story: Search Engine land

7 Magento SEO Tips You Need to Know

Businesses all over the globe use Magento for their eCommerce platforms, which means ranking high in SERPs is tough when there is stiff competition from other eCommerce stores. Full Story: Web Pro News

Google Publishes Guide To Current & Retired Ranking Systems

A new guide from Google will help you stay informed about which ranking systems Google uses and which ones are retired. Full Story: Search Engine land

How To Choose The Best Rank Tracker For Your SEO Needs

Are your SEO tools limiting your search visibility? Full Story: Search Engine land

7 Best Free Time Tracking Apps of (2022)

If you are new to time tracking for employees or have been doing it manually until now, Full Story: Forbes

Tips To Help You Start An Effective Mobile Ad Campaign

Mobile marketing can also be commonly known as wireless marketing although wireless is not necessarily mobile, Full Story: BullSource

Tesla updates mobile app with a good feature for lazy owners, and more

Tesla has released a new update to its mobile app that adds a good feature for lazy owners, Full Story: electrek

How to Prevent API Abuse on Mobile Apps

API abuse is a growing concern in today’s digital landscape, with criminals finding new and innovative ways to exploit APIs for their own gain. Full Story: Security Boulevard

Samsung may release a Self Repair Assistant mobile app for DIYers

A new trademark application filed by Samsung may have revealed the company’s future plans related to its Self-Repair program. Full Story: SamMobile

How To Leverage Digital Out-Of-Home To ‘Sleigh’ This Holiday Season

The 2022 holiday season is already proving to be like no other. Full Story: Forbes

Digital signage is not a silo

Stephen Dorsey and Brandy Alvarado-Miranda argue that digital signage should replace self-siloing with interconnectedness, Full Story: Digital Signage Today

Why Programmatic DOOH Advertising Is The Immediate Weapon For Brands

It’s our first restriction-free Summer in two years and Aussies are itching to travel. Full Story: B&T MAGAZINE

Most Important Benefits of Digital Signage for Business

The most important benefits are the ones you implement yourself. Full Story: techbuzzireland

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) Market to Grow at 11.2% CAGR to Hit USD 15,905.7 Million by 2027

Digital Out of Home or Digital OOH refers to various digital displays/panels used in billboards, transit, street furniture, and place-based advertising. Full Story: Digital Journal

12 Powerful Email Marketing Tips You Need To Know

When it comes to email marketing, there’s a lot to consider. We’ve got you covered with these top 12 email marketing tips. Full Story: Search Engine land

How to Nail the Art of Visual Email Marketing

All these make up a high-converting email. But there’s one more thing that helps in getting maximum ROI from your emails. Full Story: readwrite

How Small Businesses Can Make the Most of Email Marketing

Often, small businesses create email marketing campaigns with (at best) poorly defined goals. Full Story: Entrepreneur

5 Ways To Hyper-Personalize Your Marketing Emails

You’ve spent hours crafting the perfect email marketing campaign. Full Story: Forbes

Mailchimp vs Flodesk

We compare these email marketing platforms. Full Story: techradar

How to Create a Strong Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Online marketing continues to be an important tool for reaching new customers. Full Story: News Anyway

Three Key Factors To Consider Before Launching An E-Commerce Brand

Nicole R. Braley is a marketing executive, servant leader, career coach, and a frequent speaker for business media. Full Story: Forbes

How E-Commerce Storefronts Can Successfully Integrate An ERP Application

A typical e-commerce storefront is set up with customer experience in mind, Full Story: Forbes

The Era Of E-Commerce Is Impacting A Multitude Of Industries

Since the emergence of e-commerce, consumers have become accustomed to lower prices, Full Story: Forbes

3 Trends Driving The Consumerization Of B2B E-Commerce

Justin Main is Vice President of Integrated Payments for Billtrust, a B2B accounts receivable automation and integrated payments leader. Full Story: Forbes


Joining the ranks of other secure e-commerce business store merchants can be exciting and lucrative. Full Story: Baseline

How to choose the right PIM system for your business

PIM systems ensure sales channels display accurate product information. Full Story: TechTarget

Is Your PR And Marketing Ready For The Metaverse?

Most of us don’t remember when we became a part of the metaverse; some of us still don’t know we are in it. Full Story: Forbes

What’s The Difference Between Traditional PR And Digital PR?

Public relations, otherwise known as PR, is an essential part of marketing your business. Full Story: Forbes

How to do your own PR as a small-business owner — without breaking the bank

From the outside, it can feel like there’s a lot of gatekeeping in the media world. Full Story: Insider

Writing A Strong Survey: Quit Asking Leading Questions

I own a market research company, so I understand the importance gathering data from your target audience and using that data. Full Story: Forbes

Strategies For Global Medical Composites Market Players In 2022–2031 Market Forecast Period

The Business Research Company’s Medical Composites Global Market Report 2022: Market Size, Trends, And Forecast To 2026. Full Story: Newswires

Product Analytics Global Market To Grow At Rate Of 22% Through 2026

Avail a limited period discount of 33% on our uniquely designed Opportunities and Strategies market research reports. Full Story: Newswires

Why is market research important for web development?

A good, money-making website requires much more than simply technical expertise to design and implement. Full Story: Apple Magazine

The top programming language trends that will rule in 2023 will be useful for to-be-developers

Programming language is evolving quicker than ever. 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years, and the figures are increasing rapidly year after year. Full Story: Analytics Insight

Differences Between A Web Designer And A Web Developer

The organization, usefulness, and aesthetic appeal of a website are all created by a web designer. Full Story: BScholarly

Best APIs for Developers

APIs are everywhere on the Internet, and knowing how to interact with them is an important skill for the modern web developer. Full Story: SitePoint


As of 2022, only 25% of businesses are using marketing automation. This means that there are still 75% of businesses do their marketing manually, Full Story: Realty Biz News

What is a marketing automation tool?

Marketing automation tools can improve the performance of your online marketing efforts. Full Story: techradar

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning: What Are the Differences?

A study valued the 2022 global Artificial Intelligence market at over $136 billion. It’s predicted to increase by over 13x between now and 2030. Full Story: startupguys


Artificial intelligence’s function and appeal are increasing by the day. Full Story: Analytics Insight

Digital Marketing Analytics Software Market is Booming Worldwide

Digital Marketing Analytics is hereby known as the translation of customer behavior into the form of actionable business data. Full Story: openPR

A Marketer’s Guide to Marketing Analytics

The goal of marketing analytics is to help marketers understand how their customers make decisions and what they want so that they can create more effective. Full Story: MarTech Outlook

Google’s Winning Business Intelligence Pieces: Looker and BigQuery SQL

Google’s new product changes add another valuable business intelligence integration in the marketplace. Full Story: Cmswire

The 7 Secrets of Truly Successful Personal Brands

Creating a solid brand is essential to your success in whatever field you enter. These seven tips will help you build the perfect personal brand. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Why Branding Is Crucial During Economic Winters

Layoffs, inflation, and glooming budget cuts–all mixed together–create uncertainty. Full Story: Inc.

Graphic Designer Skills: Which Do You Need to Build a Career?

A graphic designer’s work can make or break a project. Full Story: Dice

Alexa, is the voice-assistant industry doomed?

A 2021 report found almost 50 per cent of U.S. internet users owned at least 1 smart speaker. Full Story: CBC

How voice technology influences what we reveal about ourselves

Researchers from University of Miami and New York University published a new Journal of Marketing article. Full Story: Science Daily

Alexa, Help Me Shop for the Holidays’: 5 Ways to Use Your Echo Device to Buy Gifts

From researching present ideas to purchasing items in your shopping cart, Amazon Alexa can be your helper this gift-giving season. Full Story: Cnet

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