16 Effective Marketing Strategies To Boost Sales In 2023

The advent of the holiday season brings a unique opportunity for brands to both capture seasonal sales and set up strategies for the year to come. Full Story: Forbes

4 Critical Strategies To Consider When Planning Your 2023

Your annual marketing budget should cover everything from essential marketing strategies. Full Story: Forbes

9 must-haves for a successful B2B marketing strategy

No matter what business you are in, success depends on a good marketing strategy. Full Story: Customer Think

14 Steps to a Robust Marketing Plan in 2023

Financial advisors regularly promote to their clients the benefits of planning. Full Story: Think Advisor

7 Tactics To Prepare Your Digital Marketing Team For 2023

As the year draws to a close, digital markets are now focusing on how they can deliver gains for their clients in 2023. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Successfully Strategize Your Marketing Campaigns for Christmas

Christmas is the best time for marketers to increase sales conversions. How can one strategize their marketing campaigns for this holiday season? Full Story: Martechcube

Is Marketing A Good Major? Everything You Need To Know

Is a marketing degree worth it? If you’re wondering whether marketing is a good major, it’s important to understand that marketing is an essential component of every business. Full Story: Forbes

How to Build an Online Presence With Social Media

A consistent and strategic approach is required to build an effective online presence, and these three techniques can help ensure that consistency. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Advertising On Social Media: TikTok Versus Instagram

Social media continues to be the main platform on which many brands and companies advertise. Full Story: Forbes

10 effective social media automation tools to use in 2023

If you feel like posting, replying to followers and manually generating reports on every social media account you own is too much, we agree. Full Story: Sproutsocial

How To Spy on Your Competition With Social Media

There are various solutions for analyzing your competitors, but these five steps will help you use a social listening tool to the best of your ability. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Why Social Media Needs Self Sovereign Identity

There is an inherent problem with how identity works in the digital age. Full Story: Forbes

5 SEO Best Practices for Retailers This Holiday Season

Tis the season for holiday internet shopping. Optimize your eCommerce SEO and website with these five hacks. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Why SEO Pros Need To Master Prompts

Content generation has grown exponentially in recent years, and prompts have become a must-have tool for SEO professionals. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

8 Best Programming Languages To Learn (For SEO)

When it comes to learning programming languages, there is no shortage of them. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

How to Use Web Crawlers for SEO

A web crawler tool emulates search engine bots. Web crawlers are indispensable for search engine optimization. Full Story: PracticalEcommerce

Marketplace SEO: A Guide To Optimize Listings

Marketplace SEO involves optimizing product listings on eCommerce marketplaces such as Amazon and Etsy to increase visibility and conversions. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

Top 10 Innovations in Mobile Application Development

These days, we can’t imagine our lives without our mobile phones. The use of mobile apps has increased over the last decade and sped up after the pandemic. Full Story: readwrite

These Will be the 4 Biggest Mobile Marketing Trends of 2023

The four biggest mobile marketing trends to look out for in 2023 are driven by an uncertain economy, Full Story: GRIT DAILY

How to use digital signage to your advantage during peak shopping seasons

Consumers often associate the month of December with bonuses, thirteenth cheques, and generous spirits. Full Story: BizCommunity

What’s in store for OOH in 2023?

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) is back on the rise. Investment in the medium was rising steadily until 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic curbed spend. Full Story: ExchangeWire

4 Ways DOOH Will Break Open the Metaverse Ad Market in 2023

The writing is on the wall. From the Trade Desk’s push into in-game advertising to IAB’s decision to update its in-game measurement guidelines, Full Story: Street Fight

4 Email Marketing Tips to Close Out the Year with a Bang

Running a holiday email marketing campaign isn’t that hard — but you have to get all your ducks in a row. Full Story: Customer Think

6 Email Marketing Tips That Bring Power To Your Campaign

Social media may still be seen as the top dog with regard to marketing strategy, but email marketing still has a huge role to play in any modern marketing strategy. Full Story: Globe Echo

How E-Commerce Retailers Can Save On Logistics

Of all the costs associated with running an e-commerce business, two of the biggest costs incurred are shipping and returns. Full Story: Forbes

3 E-Commerce Trends To Watch In 2023

If you’re involved in the world of business, it’s vital to pay attention to current shopping trends. Full Story: Forbes

Five reasons to start an e-commerce business

E-Commerce businesses are something that I would love more folks to spend some time on Google or YouTube learning about. Full Story: Jamaica Observer

You Can Create Demand for Your Business With the Right PR Strategy. Here’s How.

Align your PR content with your core values to create a more authentic and cohesive brand identity that resonates with consumers. Full Story: Entrepreneur

5 Ways Businesses Can Utilize PR

Today, business takes place in all shapes and forms but happens mostly online. Full Story: RollingStone

Eight trends that will dominate investor relations in 2023

New year, new thinking on investor engagement tactics and using artificial intelligence. Full Story: IRmagazin

Can PR Improve Organizational Reputation

Who wouldn’t want to have a good reputation amongst their customers? Full Story: Digital Journal

7 Types Of Market Research And How To Improve Them

Data-driven decision-making (DDDM) is just a fancy term for making intelligent decisions based on what your data is telling you. Full Story: Forbes

How To Create A Survey Quickly In Google Forms And Microsoft Word

Learn how to create an easy survey in minutes using your favorite tool and tips to keep your surveys valuable and engaging. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

5 Essential Stages of Web Development

It is evident with the consistent evolution within the past years that the future is digital. Full Story: Digital Journal

What Is The Most Powerful JavaScript Framework?

Have you heard about the most prominent javascript library that is used in the development of robust, scalable and efficient online apps? Full Story: Rebellion Research

5 best easy to use Web Development tools to learn for beginners

Web Development has become one of the most trending skills in the IT list. Full Story: Sportskeeda

Top 7 Backend Technology for You in 2023

Although consumer demands and aesthetic preferences are increasingly taken into account during software development, the backend is what powers the product. Full Story: Newswatch

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Automation in 2023

In 2023, the landscape of marketing automation will continue to evolve as new technologies and trends emerge. Full Story: readwrite

How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Biopharma (And What It Means For Marketers)

Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are making their mark on every aspect of our lives. Full Story: Forbes


Today’s artificial intelligence (AI) is limited. It still has a long way to go. Full Story: BBN Times

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Automation in 2023

In 2023, the landscape of marketing automation will continue to evolve as new technologies and trends emerge. Full Story: Full Story: readwrite

10 Best Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Tools

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) software is becoming an increasingly important tool for gathering public information. Full Story: Unite

Three Elements Of Personal Branding

No matter the business you’re in, personal branding is what sets you apart from competitors. Full Story: Forbes

New Methods of Photo Editing with Adobe

You’ve heard people talk about Adobe Photoshop, but you might be wondering what you can actually do with Photoshop? Full Story: Digital Journal

How to Use Home Assistant with Google Home Voice Commands

By integrating Google Assistant into your Home Assistant server, you can control your DIY smart home devices using voice commands. Full Story: Makeuseof

Bixby Voice updated with new features and improved speech recognition

Samsung is rolling out an update to the Bixby Voice app, which bumps the version of the company’s virtual voice assistant to Full Story: Sammobile



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