Integrated Marketing Platform | Daily Update — November 18th, 2021

Activating core data to drive targeted marketing

A holistic view of bank customer data can identify individual needs and build campaign messaging with the most relevant and personalized offers. Full Story: BAI

What Is Inbound Marketing and How Does It Support Marketing Strategy?

Inbound marketing is any marketing campaign where consumers initiate an interaction with a brand. Full Story: CMSWire

The Importance of User Generated Content in Marketing Strategies

As the industry slowly continues its road to pre-COVID traveling numbers, it’s critical for hospitality brands to introduce effective marketing strategies… Full Story: Hospitality Net

Three Trends That Could Affect Marketing And Communications In 2022

The year 2021 continued to throw some curveballs at CMOs looking to get their feet back under them after a tumultuous 2020 and 2021… Full Story: Forbes

Don’t make these marketing budget mistakes in 2022

Next year is shaping up to be another tumultuous time for CMOs who must predict what channels will be most successful. Full Story: Marketing Dive

Why Your Business Needs Community Marketing

It’s also a way to indirectly promote your business without adopting a ‘push’ marketing strategy. Full Story: CustomerThink

Set Your Marketing Ops Team Up for Success in 2022

I’ve heard more than one marketing leader describe marketing operations (Marketing ops, MOPs) as the ‘backbone of the modern marketing team.’ Full Story: CMSWire

Social Media Marketing Trends To Watch In 2022

Marketers aren’t clairvoyant but they can keep a finger on the pulse of trends. Full Story: Alist Daily

How To Convert Conversations Into Leads On Social Media

Social media has never been a hotter avenue for marketers to venture down than it is today. Full Story: Forbes

Blog: Can social media become less powerful?

Almost everyone with internet access knows and uses social media. While not liked by everybody, in the digital prism of our world, it seems it’s not about taste anymore, but a need to connect, to share, to find information. Full Story: Mobile World Live

Staff Up On Social Media: Recruiting Strategies For A Socially Distanced Age

Here’s a tough situation for you: Top talent is necessary to scale your company. Full Story: Forbes

Google: Bolded Text Can Help Your SEO

Bolding important pieces of text in a paragraph can improve a webpage’s SEO and make the content easier for Google to understand. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

Does The New ‘You’ Search Engine Stand A Chance Against Google?

The new search engine has set out to end the days of Google domination with enhanced privacy, no ads, and an innovative new design and layout. Full Story: Screen Rant

Keyword Stuffing Can Kill Your SEO: Here’s How to Avoid it

Your website depends on SEO, especially when trying to have your website rank for specific keywords. Full Story: London Post

Fresh Content As A Google Ranking Factor: What You Need to Know

Does Google consider content freshness as a ranking factor as it compares your content against others to find the best answer for searchers? Full Story: Search Engine Journal

6 important tips for holiday season mobile marketing

The holiday season presents an abundance of opportunity for mobile marketers. And that’s truer now than ever. Full Story: The Drum

3 things consumers want from retailers

Consumers want more than general loyalty programs, enjoy shopping at one-stop destinations and love brands that offer an easy return process. Full Story: Retail Customer Experience

16 Essential Considerations For An Effective Business Mobile App

The increasing ubiquity and use of smartphones provide businesses today with a unique opportunity: the ability to be ever-present and ready to serve customers through a custom mobile app. Full Story: Forbes

How to grow your small business with a mobile app

If you’re a business owner, a mobile app has probably crossed your mind at some point. Full Story: The Salt Lake Tribune

5 Different Types of Digital Signage

Five types of digital signage and how they can be used. Learn how businesses are using digital signage to attract customers and increase sales. Full Story: Onrec

5 reasons why your business needs digital signage

Nobody can deny the impact technology has had on business operations across the globe. Full Story: Augusta Free Press

3 Cold-Email-Marketing Tips to Get More Clients Fast

You can’t just send emails and hope for a response. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Top 7 Tools You Should Invest In 2021

Whether you are a startup or an enterprise, investing in a proper stack of digital tools just makes good business sense. Full Story: Analytics Insight

9 Essential Ecommerce Site Optimizations to Boost Holiday Sales

Check out these proven tips for driving higher average order value and conversions to sale on your ecommerce site this holiday season. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

Structuring Google Ads Campaigns for Success

Google Ads has implemented many changes this year. Most involve more automation. Google has streamlined the setup for how keyword match types trigger ads. Full Story: Practical Ecommerce

Can PR Drive Lead Gen for Tech Startups?

With changes to Google advertising policy and Facebook and Instagram shifts, public relations, or PR, could be the new key to lead generation. Full Story: Business 2 Community

How To Get It Right With Complex Public Relations Clients

As a general assignment reporter, it is routine to take a subject you had zero knowledge about at 9 a.m. that day and become an expert on it by 4 p.m. that same day. Full Story: Forbes

Market Research Results: What Dietary Expectations Do Millennial Travelers Have?

Food trends change every few years. The 2010s brought us quinoa, the Millennial-staple avocado toast, imitation meat products, and keto became a lifestyle for some people. Full Story: Hospitality Net

WordPress Template Plugin Vulnerability Hits +1 Million Sites

WordPress plugin by the makers of Astra Theme patched an XSS vulnerability that can lead to total site takeover and attacks on site visitors. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

AI Tools That Are Changing The Game for Small Business Owners

Small business owners regularly make the following mistake. Full Story:

AI is revolutionising this industry. Right investments could lead to big profits

Several AI applications are gaining traction in how businesses are pushing innovation and developing business strategies. Full Story: Mint

How Happiness Technology Is Affecting Our Everyday Lives

When the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) comes up, it often elicits varied responses. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Three Strategies For Improving Your Marketing Analytics

Data has become both a blessing and a curse for marketers. Full Story: Forbes

Elevate Your App Campaign Game with Marketing Analytics

Mobile marketing goes hand in hand with data analysis. Full Story: Analytics Insight

Do NFTs have a branding problem?

The NFT landscape is rapidly developing and there is barely a day that goes by where there is not a major brand launching a new NFT project or a platform announcing a new NFT integration. Full Story: Lexology

How to Make Your Graphic Design Portfolio Stand Out

Here’s what experts and hiring managers look for in your portfolio. Full Story: Built In

Amazon starts rolling out Alexa’s Conversation Mode on Echo Show 10

You can chat back and forth with the voice assistant without reusing the wake word. Full Story: Engadget

6 underused Alexa tricks to try with your Amazon Echo device

If you didn’t know about these useful Alexa features, now’s the time to try them out. Full Story: CNET

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Integrated Marketing Platform

Integrated Marketing Platform

#Marketing #Strategy #Media #Communication #Technology #Digital #Social #Search #Web #Mobile #DOOH #IntegratedMarketing ► info @ integratedmarketing (dot) pro

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