Integrated Marketing Platform | Daily Update — May 23, 2022

How a Digital Marketing Agency Can Help Build Business

Building a business requires more than delivering a high-quality product or service. Full Story: GlobeNewswire

Debunking Five Myths About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is based on a structure of referral, in which partners point consumers to a specific product or service of different brands that they receive commission for if purchased. Full Story: Forbes

Get ready for 2025 — how to create a winning online marketing strategy

Looking into the future of your business is not always the easiest of tasks. Full Story: The Drum

How privacy changes affect B2B paid search marketing

The loss of third-party cookies impacts all advertisers and is especially challenging for B2B marketers, who struggle to reach the right audience even with third-party cookies in play. Full Story: Search Engine Land

Direct marketing — the ultimate guide to traditional marketing for a modern audience

To be a forward-looking, innovative business, companies must constantly strive for innovation — sometimes at their own expense. Full Story: Bdaily

How Content Marketing and SEO Work Together

There’s often confusion about the boundaries and overlaps between content marketing and SEO (search engine optimization.) Full Story: Medium

3 Digital Marketing Strategies To Optimize External Linking

Link building is essential for any digital marketing strategy, especially when it comes to SEO. Full Story: Forbes

The Top 10 Social Media Sites & Platforms 2022

Social media is everywhere, but not all platforms work for every business. Find out which of these top 10 social media platforms will work best for your audience. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

How to pitch brands to sponsor your social media content

In the years since, through consistent content creation, giveaways, and promotion on social media, I’ve grown my newsletter and podcast to more than 100,000… Full Story: Business Insider

14 Key Elements To Inspire Social Media Users To Share Your Content

Companies describe the many methods marketers employ to help prospects and customers first find, then engage with and consider their brands as “content marketing.” Full Story: Forbes

Social Media Breaks: Benefits, Tips, and How to Set Boundaries

Many of us are so mixed up with our social accounts that it’s difficult to remember what we did before the feed. Full Story: Healthline

Is Schema Stuffing The New SEO Spam?

Whether you hand-code schema or automate it, avoid schema stuffing and take the time to understand how Google sees your content. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

Creating SMART SEO Goals For Your Enterprise Business

Follow this guide to build your own SEO-specific SMART goals that help prove the impact of your optimization efforts to your employer or client. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

How to ensure influencers help your SEO campaigns

Here are the most common challenges — and solutions — to help you get the most SEO value out of working with influencers: Full Story: Search Engine Land

Should Guest Post Links Be Marked Sponsored? Ask An SEO

Adam Riemer tackles a follow-up question on Google’s preferred markup for guest post links in this edition of Ask An SEO. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

When To Add Security To Your New Mobile App?

Clearly, after launching a new company or a new digital product, there is an understandable desire to grow the revenue associated with the business as quickly as possible. Full Story: Security Boulevard

Should Mobile Marketing be a Priority for Marketers in 2022?

In a multi-channel digital-first marketing environment, it is all the more important for marketers to meet customers where they are using relevant messaging to break through the noise. Full Story: MarTech Series

M-Commerce is booming — is your mobile app as secure as you think?

When performing tasks, payments, transactions and generally browsing the internet on a desktop, we are often reminded to keep our guard up against possible threats. Full Story: Finextra

Top 6 Cutting-Edge Technologies for Your Business

Furthermore, digital signage’s future is bright because of IoT, machine intelligence, and personalization developments. Full Story: Wales 247

Whitepaper: 5 Retail Digital Signage Trends for 2022

The latest developments in the field of digital signage have been rapid. In some ways, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on the industry. Full Story: Retail Customer Experience

Here’s how to create effective mailer campaigns for your business

A communication automator is an advanced email marketing professional who’s dabbled in personalisation enough to see the value in maximising it across the full… Full Story: BusinessLIVE

How to Create an Email Marketing Plan in 2022

Email marketing remains a staple for marketers, even with the emergence of new marketing methods. Full Story: The Motley Fool

How to scale your e-commerce business

It also comes from the close relationships we’ve built with thousands of customers — successful and growing e-commerce businesses like you — and… Full Story: Inside Retail

E-Commerce Retail Sales Grew 2.4% in Q1 2022

Figures released by the US Department of Commerce on Thursday revealed that US retail e-commerce sales In Q1 2022, which totaled about $250B, grew by only 2.4% over the 4Q total. Full Story: GlobeSt

Build In Public For Maximum PR Success

Building in public is a strategy in the booming creator economy to share personal and technical milestones, wins and lessons learned before and on the way to launching a product or service. Full Story: Forbes

How To Use The Cinema As A PR Tool

How To Use The Cinema As A PR Tool … Return to Space was magnificent-as a story, as a piece of Americana, as a public relations vehicle. Full Story: Forbes

How to conduct market research in 7 steps

Market research helps companies achieve a number of important objectives, such as verifying the success of a business proposal, accurately… Full Story: Doxee

How using video on websites can help small businesses

Videos can help customers make decisions about what sort of information they are looking for, and what help they need. Full Story:

How to Become a Python Django Developer in 2022?

The Role of Django in Web Development. Among Python frameworks, Django is often regarded as the best framework for web application development. Full Story: Analytics Insight

What’s in Your Consumer Data Privacy Closet?

Three Levels of Consumer Data Security. You’re bound to track sensitive or PII data points. Email is fundamental to personalization and marketing automation,… Full Story: CMSWire

How AI is Solving Marketing’s Biggest Problem

Brands today are operating in a world of incredibly short attention spans. Full Story: MarTech Series

5 successful ways to use artificial intelligence to improve your business processes

Artificial intelligence (AI) is having its moment these days. Full Story:

Professional Guide to Choosing The Best Marketing Analytics Tool For You

Marketing analytics tools are important for businesses to review their approaches in real-time and adapt to their customer’s needs. Full Story: MarTech Cube

How To Create Brand Touchpoints That Engage Both Customers And Employees

Using brand touchpoints and two-way marketing to engage employees, as well as customers and other company stakeholders, can lead to more engaged… Full Story: Forbes

Will a Brand Refresh Help Revive My Business?

Marketplaces are changing all the time. Full Story:

Siri Needs Better Consistency As a Voice Assistant

Much of the time, I love the convenience Siri offers me. I simply have to invoke the voice assistant, and Siri will quickly do what I ask. Full Story: The Mac Observer

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