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9 Ecommerce Content Examples To Inspire Your Marketing Campaigns

Ecommerce content marketing is a great way to raise brand awareness, build trust, and make the sale. See who’s doing it right. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

Are you ‘content marketing’ or ‘constant marketing’?

So, you’ve invested heavily in content, posted it on your website and company social channels, and then… nothing. Full Story: Marketing Mag

Metrics That Matter: How To Measure Your B2B Marketing Success

Understanding the return on marketing investments is crucial to delivering effective marketing programs that achieve your company’s needs and goals. Full Story: Forbes

Account-Based Marketing: It’s A Team Game

The state of B2B marketing has evolved to embrace sophisticated technology, empowering companies to build and cultivate meaningful customer relationships. Full Story: Forbes

Four Predictions For Digital Marketing In 2022

With budgets being squeezed and cost-per-click rising among most digital platforms, it’s hard to remember a more challenging time to be a digital marketer than the previous two years. Full Story: Forbes

How Personas Can Help You Make The Right Marketing Choices

At the most basic level, marketing materials have a simple goal: to convey to the reader/viewer the desired message in the most effective manner possible. Full Story: Forbes

5 Trends All CMOs Must Know About the Future of Conversational Marketing

Consumers don’t want your traditional marketing anymore. Full Story: MarTech Series

14 Strategies For Inspiring A Company’s Social Media Followers

Businesses today have the amazing opportunity to get a message out to potential customers on social media that will inspire users to engage with your brand or try your product. Full Story: Forbes

3 Ways Social Media Is Changing How We Do Business

When social media platforms first came into the market in the 2000s, they had a single purpose-to connect people in a digital social setting (and they were aptly named). Full Story: Inc. Magazine

How to clean up your social media accounts

If you haven’t updated, curated, or otherwise cleaned up your social media accounts since 2009, it’s time for a social media deep clean. Full Story: Digital Trends

Nine Ways Social Media Contributes to Business Growth

Social media must be an essential component of your company’s marketing strategy because it’s crucial for reaching out to customers. Full Story: MarketingProfs

3 SEO tools to build for your clients in Google Data Studio

Creating technical SEO auditing, keyword research, and link building tracking tools is easy with Google Data Studio. Learn how here. Full Story: Search Engine Land

How To Set Up IndexNow Using Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin

Set up IndexNow on a WordPress site by using the Rank Math SEO Plugin in 3 easy steps. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

How to prepare for an SEO sales call

Asking these key questions and doing some organic research will massively help you when selling SEO services. Full Story: Search Engine Land

How E-A-T content and link building can drive YMYL SEO success

But, what does it mean for content to reflect expertise, authority, and trustworthiness? Full Story: Search Engine Land

Top 5 Mobile App Marketing Trends to Watch for 2022

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) policy went into effect in April 2021, spawning a slew of think pieces about the imminent demise of mobile app marketing. Full Story: Toolbox

Sensitive mobile app data found unprotected in the cloud

Experienced developers who use the cloud to create mobile apps typically try to harden their apps to protect them against different types of attack. Full Story: TechRepublic

Top mobile marketing trends for 2022 revealed in new report

According to a new report by AppsFlyer, the top predicted mobile marketing trends for 2022 will likely see a significant change in the way companies conduct business. Full Story: IT Brief

The biggest mobile marketing agency you have never heard of

Agencies that work with either startups or corporates can understand the delicacy when working with either a company too small or one too big. Full Story: Ctech

Top 4 things brand marketers need to know about programmatic OOH ads in 2022

While 2022 entered with its share of challenges, I believe it’s safe to say we’re all looking forward to the positivity this year will bring with the anticipation of life returning to normal — or at least our next normal. Full Story: The Drum

5 Reasons to Incorporate Social Media into your Digital Signage

Incorporate social media into your digital signage to provide proof, increase interaction, improve employee morale, increase followers, and share cost-effective content. Full Story: Digital Signage Today

Ingredients of a Perfect Custom Email Template

Many email marketing websites offer pre-built templates to help email marketers run their email campaigns. But, if you want to leave a lasting impression on your readers, there is no substitute for custom professional email templates. Full Story: Daily Bayonet

7 Cold-Email Marketing Strategies That Will Heat Up Your Sales

Email marketing can be highly profitable, but your success depends on the tactics you use. Full Story: Entrepreneur

How Retailers Can Win At Social Commerce

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed the way the world shops and communicates. Full Story: Forbes

10 steps to create a perfect ecommerce website for SMBs

When the brick-and-mortar stores got shut down with the whole world during the pandemic lockdowns, the ecommerce business exploded. Full Story: TechRadar

The Top 7 PR Trends That Brands Should Care About Right Now

Public relations should be part of every business’s strategy, regardless of how large or small. These seven PR trends can help you maximize your strategy. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Best Financial PR Agencies & Services : Top Financial PR Firms to Help Your Business

Financial companies are often under immense public scrutiny. Full Story: Business2Community


The market research sector has an “important role” to play in holding leaders to account, ensuring “transparency” and decisions are “fact-based”, according to former Unilever CEO and climate campaigner Paul Polman. Full Story: Research Live

Website Builder Webflow Hits $4 Billion Valuation As It Nears $100 Million Revenue

Vlad Magdalin says he’s been getting odd looks at Starbucks in recent weeks when he tells the baristas his first name. But he has no reservations about the war in Ukraine initiated by the man who shares that name-the day the invasion began, Magdalin renounced his dual Russian citizenship. Full Story: Forbes

Can you be Hacked by Visiting a Website?

Visiting websites throughout the decades has always had its risks. Full Story: Security Boulevard

What is Revenue Intelligence?

There are many tools available today to help sales organizations collect, analyze, and report on key data. This data is crucial for managing their pipeline, providing excellent sales interactions, and closing deals. Full Story: TechFunnel

The Genesis of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twins

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Digital Twins — why are we hearing so much about them and why do they suddenly seem so critical? Full Story: Express Computer

7 Helpful Hints to Apply to Your Business Intelligence Efforts

Data can be powerful if it’s accurate. Full Story: Franchise500

How Big Data Is Helping Advertisers Solve Problems

Big data is transforming the relationship between companies and customers. Full Story: Forbes

Traditional Advertising Is Out: How To Create Successful Brand Entertainment

According to Forbes, the number of people who have cut the cord on their cable, satellite or telco subscription has tripled since 2014, jumping from 16 million to more than 50 million last year. Full Story: Forbes

What’s in a name: Building a professional brand

There is profound power in names. Countless websites explore their meanings and associated mythologies worldwide. Full Story: Fast Company

Roomba robot vacuums gain Siri voice support as part of big update

The iRobot Genius 4.0 Home Intelligence update has started rolling out to all users. Full Story: Engadget

Amazon Echo Can Attack Itself Through Voice Commands, Even Given By Itself

Smart speakers are very popular nowadays. They are used for various purposes. But initially, Amazon created its much-popular Echo to boost sales on Amazon. Full Story:

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