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How to unlock the power of your marketing technology

Do it right and the odds of transformation success will be in your favor. Full Story: MarTech

Six Ways To Fix Your Sustainability Marketing

Over the 20 years I’ve spent working in sustainability and purpose, I’ve seen the good, the bad and the downright wrong of mission marketing. Full Story: Forbes

Is there a secret sauce for brand marketing?

Emotional brand building is crucial for growth. We explore the ingredients needed to build brand equity. Full Story: Kantar

How to Succeed Using Influencer Marketing and Brand Collaboration

Three social media hacks you need to leverage your brand alongside accounts with large followings. Full Story: Entrepreneur

How Understanding Consumerism Can Improve Marketing Ethics

Understanding the psychological experience is crucial for ethical marketing. Full Story: Psychology Today

10 Small Business Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

If you’re a small business owner, then you know that marketing can be tough. It seems like everyone is competing for attention, and it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. Full Story: Entrepreneur

How to Use Content Marketing to Promote Your Business

It is a hot theme among online entrepreneurs, so how can you use content marketing to promote your business…? Full Story: We Heart

5 Social Media Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Social media provides a fantastic way for companies to market their brands. From individual influencers and small businesses to large companies and conglomerates, social media is something that everyone can utilise. Full Story: EconoTimes

Want to Make Your Social Media Content Stand Out? Try These 13 Strategies

Social media is a critical tool for a small business’s marketing efforts. Full Story: Small Business Trends

Are Social Media New Shopping Platform: Things You Should Know

There was a time when we used to use social media to connect with our friends and family members. Chatting and posting images of ourselves were the only ways we could engage with each other. Full Story: TechGraph

10 ways to build your brand on social media

Many brands have an active social media presence, but there are ways to further grow a brand’s online presence. Full Story:

9 Types Of Content That Will Help Your Local SEO

To move up the ranks in search results, you need rich local content. Check out these nine different types of local content to fuel your SEO strategy. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

6 Secrets To Effective SEO Copywriting

There’s so much talk in the marketing world about building engaging websites, optimizing for SEO, and ordering PPC ads to collect new leads. Full Story: Forbes

How To Build Links That You Didn’t Ask For

It’s perfectly possible to generate links that you didn’t ask for. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

Why is an SEO audit so important?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital cog in all search marketing activities and strategies — it allows brands to focus on what matters when improving their presence on search engines such as Google. Full Story: The Drum

This Mobile App Helps Non-Native English-Speakers Craft A Confident, Bold Voice

Behind every person’s voice lies a story of where they come from. Whether through business meetings or casual gatherings, our individual selves are brought together through a common language bridge. Full Story: Forbes

Retail’s Watershed Moment: Here’s How to Get Ahead in the New Era

Over the last decade, the retail industry has undergone seismic shifts, from the social media boom to widespread adoption of smart devices. Full Story: Total Retail

Google sets its own shakeup to mobile ad IDs, promising less ‘blunt’ approach

Google is bringing its Privacy Sandbox initiative to the Android mobile operating system amid a period of heightened scrutiny toward how consumer data is collected online, according to a company announcement. Full Story: Marketing Dive

How mobile app usage data could reveal a person’s identity

The time a person spends on different smartphone apps is enough to identify them from a larger group in more than one in three cases say researchers, who warn of the implications for security and privacy. Full Story: Help Net Security

4 ways digital signage is transforming retail

The retail landscape has dramatically changed in recent years. Nearly 70% of customers want both in-store and online experiences as part of their shopping journey. Full Story: Retail Dive

Digital signage podcast: Diving into the on-demand IT services market

Riefke is a strategic technology leader specializing in high-growth, venture-backed startups. Full Story: Digital Signage Today

6 Ways to Review and Improve Your Automated Marketing Emails

As a slogan to promote automated emails, “set it and forget it” has been disastrously successful. Full Story: CMSWire

The Trends Shaping Email Marketing in 2022

As marketing becomes more performance-driven, one thing has become clear: Email remains a formidable channel, delivering an ROI of $44 to every $1 spent. Full Story: Adweek

Three Ways E-Commerce Brands Can Win With NFT Marketing

E-commerce brands can use non-fungible tokens to reach new audiences. But many brands don’t even know what NFTs are. Full Story: Forbes

Is your e-commerce business making the most of email marketing?

Effective email marketing can help increase the lifetime value of your customers, and sell to people who’ve already had an experience with you… Full Story:

5 Reasons To Make Podcasts Part Of Your PR Program

Podcasts are everywhere. As of December 2021, there were more than 2 million active podcasts and 48 million episodes, according to Podcasting Insights. Full Story: Forbes

The Evolution Of PR As We Know It

Public relations has always been an elusive industry that many people don’t know how to categorize, and the evolution of the social media landscape only blurs the lines even more. Full Story: Forbes

Package Testing Market Research in 3 Simple Steps

Picture this: You’re walking through the shampoo aisle trying to find your tried-and-true product. Full Story: CustomerThink

Why Work With an SEO Strategist for your Website

For your website to get noticed, it needs to rank high on search engines’ results when people conduct searches related to your products or services. Full Story: Devdiscourse

The most important reason to install an SSL Certificate on your website

SSL Certificates have become an essential aspect of every website, email service, web app or just about data transmission via the internet. Full Story: TechCabal

For Marketers In 2022 And Beyond, Mere Innovation Is Not Enough-Make It Radical

The impact Covid-19 is having on brands will be felt for years to come. Full Story: Forbes

How to Create a Sales Funnel

A sales funnel remains a critical aspect of the sales pipeline, moving a prospect from their initial contact with a company to their ultimate conversion to a paying customer. Full Story: Small Business Trends

Cookieless Tracking and Your Business Marketing Strategy

Cookieless tracking, also known as anonymized tracking, is gaining traction is today’s increasingly privacy-focused marketing environment. Full Story: Small Business Trends

What is Business Intelligence Software? Top BI Tools of 2022

Business intelligence (BI) software is a collection of business analytics tools used by businesses to retrieve, analyse… Full Story: Analytics Insight

Six Key Elements For A Solid Brand Foundation

You can have the best logo, brand colors and fonts in existence but if your customers never have any emotional experience when interacting with you, then it won’t matter. Your brand is what makes you stand out. Full Story: Forbes

Why your brand should think less about designing a logo, and more about designing a sound

Motion and sound have long been “nice to have” elements in branding, rather than driving the creative process. The media landscape is evolving. That Jetsons future we were promised? It’s finally taking shape, sans maybe the flying cars. But even they’re in development.Full Story: Fast Company

Alexa, How Will Voice Technology Define 2022?

In 2022, we’re going to see voice technology gain traction in previously unexplored niches and fields. Full Story: Toolbox

Fossil Adds Alexa to Google Wear OS Smartwatch

Fossil’s Skagen Falster Gen 6 smartwatch has added Alexa to the voice assistant options on the Google Wear OS device. Full Story:

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