Integrated Marketing Platform | Daily Update — June 20, 2022

Marketing Lessons From Hoarding

This article will cover the two contrasting motivational elements that drive consumer behavior and how to apply them to marketing. Full Story: Forbes

How to Build Alliances With Sales and Marketing to Achieve Optimum Results

It is the season of “smarketing” — integrating sales and marketing to achieve optimum results. This article focuses on values that drive these alliances for marketing a product successfully. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Getting Serious About Marketing In The Digital Era

Your business has been toiling away, closing deals, advertising, attending shows and generating leads. Full Story: Forbes

How Content Marketing Can Help Small Businesses in Digital Marketing?

Content marketing has become very common in the field of marketing prospects in recent years. Indeed, many companies have followed suit in using this strategy. Full Story: Digital Journal

Paid Versus Organic Marketing and How to Decide on a Budget

What factors influence the choice between organic and paid marketing? Is it budget, conversions or impact? Full Story: Entrepreneur

Introducing lighting in your store? Here are marketing tips from an industry expert

FT: If a furniture retailer is introducing lighting, what are your three marketing tips for success? Full Story: Designers Today

Asking Your Team ‘How Can I Help?’ Improves Business Performance in These 5 Ways

As nearly all business leaders have likely grasped, teamwork is invaluable to the bottom line, and is never to be underestimated. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Seven Tactics To Fund Your Online Business

In a space with 5.5 billion people, all your business ideas can become a reality. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Why Social Media Makes People Unhappy-And Simple Ways To Fix It

Disrupted sleep, lower life satisfaction and poor self-esteem are just a few of the negative mental health consequences that research has linked to social media. Full Story: Scientific American

Social media: the new frontier for touting fakes?

In the last two decades, social media platforms have become the most popular websites of the online world. Full Story: Business Leader

5 Steps to Crafting an Authentic Social Media Presence For Your Business

Here’s how to curate a unique brand identity and social media presence that will help your business stand out online. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Eight Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Social media continues to be a vibrant, engaging series of digital platforms designed to inform, engage, meet and connect. Full Story: Forbes

Google: Good Web Sites Are Good For SEO

Now, in practice, this has not always been the case. Sometimes bad websites rank well — in fact, there have been many cases historically where ugly looking sites ranked super well. Full Story: Search Engine Roundtable

Going International? What You Need To Know For Your Glocal SEO

Everything SEO is on point in your enterprise — when it comes to your home market. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

Want to move up the Google rankings? How to choose an SEO partner

For any company with an online presence, an emphasis on SEO (search engine optimization) is necessary to gain more visibility, leads and ultimately — revenue. Full Story: KSL News

A Complete Google Search Console Guide For SEO Pros

Get to know Google Search Console and unlock its power to improve your site health and search performance. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

How to create a mobile app for a small business

SMBs have many reasons to create a mobile platform. Full Story: TechTarget

China to Implement New Mobile App Rules

The Chinese government has been trying to reduce the amount of time… Full Story: Caixin Global

The 7 Best Small Business Mobile Ad Networks

It’s safe to say that mobiles have become an extremely crucial part of our lives. They’ve also majorly decreased the use of desktop computers. Full Story: Small Business Trends

Metaverse mobile app for the masses

In the future, artists, gamers, and consumers will all meet in an atmosphere that encourages connection, creativity, and commerce, unlike any online environment we have seen to date. Full Story: App Developer Magazine

The Power of Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home in 2022 and Beyond (Video)

The world of out-of-home advertising has significantly evolved and today is one of the most cost-effective and farthest-impacting advertising platform. Full Story: MediaVillage

OOH ad spend sees modest growth in May

In May 2022, in the out-of-home advertising industry, spending was relatively flat year-over-year with a modest amount of growth. Full Story: Digital Signage Today

5 Strategies To Maximize Revenue From Your Email Marketing

With no additional ad spend or acquisition costs, even small improvements in your email marketing conversion rates can make a huge difference to your bottom… Full Story: Forbes

The 5 emails every DTC brand needs to win more customers

To maximize email marketing return on investment, direct-to-consumer brands need to master five kinds of foundational email campaigns… Full Story: The Drum

E-commerce will be the largest economic force for the metaverse

Everyone talks about the metaverse today. From product launches to remote working locations, most enterprises are also showing a huge interest in the metaverse. Full Story: Tech Wire Asia

How to Start a Fashion e-commerce Business?

Fashion Apparel is the world’s largest eCommerce sector, with a global market value of $759.5 billion in 2021. Full Story: EIN News

5 Ways You Can Get Publicity in 5 Minutes

Here’s how you can leverage the latest PR trends to help you sell. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Need PR Wins? Think Into the Future First

Public relations is a long game, and the most successful plans begin with the end in mind. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Applying the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) model to Market Research is possible — based on having access to the right platform

During the past five years we have witnessed the advent of digitalization across companies and processes, as well as the emergence and development of Digital departments, Digital Marketing, and so on. Full Story: Ipsos

How to Choose a Software Development Company for Your Business?

As crucial as this decision sounds, it’s also very difficult to make. You need to see whether they match your budget and are suitable for a business of your scale. Full Story: Digital Journal

Web Development in the Age of Mobile First

Our mobile devices are a one-stop solution for all our electronic… Full Story: Programming Insider

Can AI Marketing Transform Your Business?

AI marketing can offer up some hefty benefits. Learn how businesses are using this tech to improve CX and boost bottom lines — and how you can too. Full Story: CMSWire

How artificial intelligence is helping to measure creative effectiveness in marketing

Data-driven optimization is widely adopted in digital advertising. Today’s marketing professionals have perfected audience profiles and campaign logistics. Full Story: The Drum

What is Operational Analytics?

Odds are your business employs some method of operational analytics or uses another closely related method of data processing with a different name. Full Story: IT Business Edge

How Server-Side Tag Management Is Influencing Marketing Analytics

Marketers are facing a new world of analytics choices and decisions. The result is more tag decisions in the face of an evolution of data management. Full Story: CMSWire

How to Build Brand Awareness and Loyalty

There are a number of elements that must come together to create a brand identity that resonates and lingers in a target market’s memory. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Why You Should Keep These Key Online Branding Principles In Mind

In a world full of brands, standing out from the pack can be a challenge. Full Story: Forbes

A local voice assistant wants to preserve African languages

Like many kids who grew up with an elderly relative, Nana Ghartey was used to helping his grandmother out around the house. Full Story: TechCabal

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Integrated Marketing Platform

Integrated Marketing Platform

#Marketing #Strategy #Media #Communication #Technology #Digital #Social #Search #Web #Mobile #DOOH #IntegratedMarketing ► info @ integratedmarketing (dot) pro

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