Integrated Marketing Platform | Daily Update — July 6th, 2021

Early-Stage Marketing: A Five-Point Leadership Framework

It is estimated that over a million tech startups are formed every year globally. Full Story: Forbes

How to Plan an Affiliate Marketing Strategy for Content Creators

You’re creating great content, and starting an affiliate program can help boost sales and generate leads for your business. Here’s how. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

Leveraging the Rise of Digital Marketing to Drive Post-Pandemic In-Store Traffic

The pandemic fast-tracked the growth of e-commerce on an exponential level. Full Story: Total Retail

Marketers need to lead with insight to help drive growth

Businesses seeking to deliver compelling digital experiences for customers must look beyond recruiting tactical capabilities and focus on building insight-led marketing strategies for success. Full Story: Management Today

Can Data Clean Rooms Be The Answer For Privacy-Safe Marketing?

When Apple introduced iOS 14.5 in April, it began requiring mobile apps to ask users for permission to gather tracking data. Full Story: Forbes

How does marketing operations make B2B organisations more efficient?

Marketing operations, or MOPS, is all about planning, process and measurement. Full Story: Econsultancy

How influencer marketing is redefining digital advertising landscape

Influencer marketing is a valuable channel to create ongoing conversations about brands on social media platforms by recognising the power of social media presence. Full Story: YourStory

Social Media Is Broken: MIT Report Suggests Solutions to Fix It

Experts said independent oversight is a necessity when it comes to addressing some of the issues concerning social media. Full Story: Gadgets 360

Why social media is more than a game of likes for photography

I think you’d struggle to find a creative who doesn’t occasionally have a love/hate relationship with social media, and I’m no exception. Full Story: Digital Camera World

How social media is swapping reach and breadth for ‘niches and depth’

“We’re moving away from social media as reach and breadth and instead moving towards using it for niches and depth,” she writes. Full Story: Music Ally

Are Social Media Platforms Legally Responsible for What Their Users Post?

The prevalence of social media these days has resulted in it having a huge influence on the global conversation, and many would say that the bulk of its impact has been more or less negative. Full Story: Digital Information World

10 Ways SEO Is the Secret to Brand-Building

Search visibility plays a significant role in building an online brand. Here are 10 ways to use SEO to build your brand this year. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Website Speed Optimization vs. SEO: What’s The Difference and How to Optimize for Both

People tend to look at site speed optimization and SEO as separate categories. However, they’re both part of the same equation. Full Story: MarTech Series

Google on how it ranks search results and prevents obvious spam

Don’t focus on one or two specific signals, make your site overall better says Google. Full Story: Search Engine Land

How to Streamline Your Lead Generation Campaigns With Strategic Collaboration

In business, as in life, two voices are more powerful than one. Strategic collaboration can drive your marketing and turbo-charge your lead generation. Full Story: Business 2 Community

How to Get More People to Use Your Mobile App

Do you want to get more people to use your mobile app? If so, you’re not alone. Full Story: Business 2 Community

Pinterest bans weight loss ads

Pinterest has today announced an updated weight loss ad policy that prohibits all ads with weight loss language and imagery. Full Story: Mobile Marketing Magazine

Watch: Next-gen mobile marketing: How can grocery target consumers on the move?

Be they browsing high streets, on their commute or running errands in the car, there are all sorts of opportunities for food and drink companies to target consumers on the move. Full Story: The Grocer

15 Tips For Ensuring Your Mobile App Stays Fresh And Relevant

As consumer use of smartphones and tablets has continued to grow in recent years, many businesses have developed and launched mobile apps. Full Story: Forbes

Outdoor revenues rise as DOOH takes on more spend

The Australian Out-of-Home (OOH) industry has seen an increase of 125% in net media revenue for the second quarter of 2021, compared to the same time last year, according to a new report from the Outdoor Media Association (OMA). Full Story: Mumbrella

Forecast: Digital Out of Home ad market rapid growth

Research from Alfi reveals 95 per cent of advertising executives expect the Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising sector to grow over the next two years, with 51 per cent anticipating dramatic expansion. Full Story: Advanced Television

Top tips: 5 insights into email marketing from 2020

How can email marketers extract trends from a year like 2020? Full Story: Netimperative

6 Essential Tools Every Serious Start-Ups Needs in 2021

If you want a go-to tool for email marketing or newsletters, there’s no alternative to MailChimp. It makes your marketing strategy stronger. Full Story: IRN Post

Policy Pages, Done Well, Enhance a Brand

Shoppers search an online store’s policy pages for details on shipping, returns, and more. Rarely are these vital pages engaging. But they should be. Full Story: Practical Ecommerce

How the Personalized Feed Is Changing Ecommerce

While driving growth for brands is more critical than ever, how people discover brands is rapidly evolving. Full Story: Adweek

Five Benefits Of Using PR And How It Can Assist Your Business

Every company, no matter the size, depends upon its reputation for success. Public relations, also known as PR, is a key management tool for businesses to help achieve its goals and improve its image. Full Story: Forbes

How Covid-19 has affected the way PR professionals engage with media

Media relations by definition involves working with the media to inform the general public about an organisation’s activities including its mission and vision in a positive, consistent and credible manner. Full Story: Bizcommunity

How to do market research: an affordable guide for small businesses

Wondering how to get into the mind of your customers and tap into what they need — or better yet, solve a problem they didn’t know they had? Full Story: Simply Business

How to Set Up a Raspberry Pi Web Server [Guide]

Raspberry Pi is not only a small board computer but a tinker card that can do almost anything and everything. Full Story: Beebom

Just How Secure Is Open-Source Software?

Here are the pros and cons of using open-source software, compared to closed-source: so how safe is open-source? Full Story: MakeUseOf

Smart And Sustainable Print Marketing: PFL

If you’re anything like me, you’re annoyed by the amount of daily physical mail, as much of it feels wasteful of time and resources. Full Story: Forbes

Artificial Intelligence as a Game-Changer in 21st Century

Being the most common and vibrant technical term in the 21st century, Artificial Intelligence has started reigning the world stage with its smart functionalities. Full Story: Analytics Insight

Five Trends Shaping Governance, Risk And Compliance

As a result of the pandemic, businesses have been forced to rethink their operational resilience — especially when you consider 2020 was a record year for data breaches, despite seeing an increase in cybersecurity spending, according to a report by Canalys. Full Story: Forbes

Data-driven marketing: the rise of the customer data platform

Everything seems to justify the current explosion of the Customer Data Platform (CDP) market. Full Story: The Drum

Top 10 Timeless Branding Terms

What branding terms inspire your employees, customers, and fans? Do your employees know and understand your brand promise? Do you customers and fans embrace your brand personality? Who are your brand ambassadors? Full Story: Business 2 Community

5 Ways To Define Your Brand Undertone

When I work with a company founder to define their personal brand-we talk a lot about the undertone of their brand. Full Story: Forbes

Google must face Voice Assistant privacy lawsuit -U.S. judge

A federal judge said Google must face much of a lawsuit accusing the company of illegally recording and disseminating private conversations of people who accidentally trigger its voice-activated Voice Assistant on their smartphones. Full Story: Reuters

41% of Users Making Purchases Through Voice Tech

International research reveals marketing potential of voice tech, as users move from awareness to purchase. Full Story: TechRound

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