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Personalization In Marketing: Beyond The Buzzword To Business Impact

The transformative power of personalization in marketing cannot be overstated. The ability to cut through the noise and engage customers on a personal level is invaluable. Full Story: Forbes

Six Guidelines For Influencer Marketing In 2024

Over the last 20 years, I’ve had the opportunity to be part of a dramatic evolution in the marketing world, Full Story: Forbes

Cultural Marketing: How Platforms Have Changed CX Strategy

How cultural marketing and platform business models are revolutionizing the way brands connect with diverse customer groups. Full Story: CMSWire

Four Marketing And Social Trends To Watch In 2024

As we embrace 2024, the marketing landscape is undergoing a transformative shift, driven predominantly by the accelerating pace of artificial intelligence (AI). Full Story: Forbes

4 Marketing Megatrends to Know About in 2024

These four major marketing trends are set to explode this year. Full Story: Entrepreneur

How SMBs are approaching digital marketing in 2024

A new report reveals key digital marketing trends, goals and pain points for SMBs in 2024. Full Story: Search Engine Land

Three Things To Consider When Choosing Social Media Platforms In 2024

“What social media platforms should we focus on?” Leading a social media agency, Full Story: Forbes

The Future Of Trust And Verification For Social Media Platforms

In recent years, public trust in the media has plummeted to unprecedented lows. Full Story: Forbes

Social Media Trends for 2024:What’s Hot and What’s Not

Navigating the world of social media is like keeping pace with a rapidly changing landscape. Full Story: simplilearn

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Trends Brands and Marketers Should Try in 2024

The social media landscape is constantly shifting gears. Full Story: Jumpstart

What Are Backlinks? Definition & SEO Best Practices

Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors used by search engines such as Google. Full Story: Forbes

Google’s Gemini Decoded: Unveiling The Impact On SEO

Discover how Google’s Gemini is revolutionizing SEO with its advanced AI capabilities. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

SEO for Small Businesses: Everything You Need to Know

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving visibility on a search engine such as Google, Full Story: Investopedia

SEO in Review: Major 2023 Google Updates & 2024 Predictions

Google rolled out several game-changing algorithm shifts last year that shook up the SEO world, Full Story: Search Engine Journal

Entities & Ontologies: The Future Of SEO?

Discover how Entities, Schema, Algorithm Machine Learning advancements, and helpful content shape the future of SEO. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

7 Benefits of Using React Native for Mobile App Development

The dynamic change in the world has pushed businesses to think of migrating every business model to digital platforms from traditional platforms. Full Story: Whatech

SMS: Everything you need to know about text messages

Everything you wanted to know about SMS, and then some. Full Story: Android Police

Top 5 Email Marketing Apps: Elevate Your Digital Campaigns

Navigate the crowded seas of email marketing tools with our curated list of the top 5 apps. Full Story: Techloy

Email Marketing Trends for 2024: Future of Inbox Influence

Email marketing involves sending targeted and personalized emails to recipients to promote products, services, and events or building and maintaining customer relationships. Full Story: simplilearn

Revolutionizing Email Marketing: A Closer Look at Today’s Creative Strategies

Delve into the innovative world of email marketing with the 20 most creative newsletter ideas. Full Story: bnn

Five Trends to Optimize Your E-Commerce Websites

Al chatbots, third-party payment options, free shipping, showrooming features, Full Story: Martech Outlook

Ecommerce Keyword Research: Top 7 Strategies

For ecommerce entrepreneurs, keyword research is the cornerstone of a successful online strategy. Full Story: Business Matters

How brands are activating first-party data to grow e-commerce revenue

Personalization is about more than using a customer’s name in an email. Full Story: Digiday

GenAI Is Changing Public Relations Forever, But Not How You May Think

Generative AI is reinventing the way the world works. Full Story: Forbes

How The PR Landscape Has Evolved: A 15-Year Retrospective

2024 marks the 15th anniversary of JSA+Partners, a strategic communications firm I founded what seems like a lifetime ago. Full Story: Forbes

Navigating The 2024 PR Landscape: Key Trends And Opportunities To Watch

One of the thrilling aspects of working in public relations and communications in the 21st century is that you have to adapt and react to a constantly changing environment. Full Story: Forbes

What is JavaScript? The full-stack programming language

JavaScript is the most in-demand programming language for developer jobs and one of the most versatile languages for full-stack development. Full Story: InfoWorld

5 web development bootcamps teaching the skills to build the next great website

In today’s business world, the most effective companies tend to have some of the best websites. Otherwise, consumers simply wouldn’t return. Full Story: Fortune

Kotlin vs Java: Which is Best for Mobile and Web Developers?

Here is a comparison of Kotlin vs Java for mobile and Web development. Full Story: Analytics Insight

20 Javascript Tools Revolutionizing Web Development Today

JavaScript, the dynamic programming language, has undergone significant transformations, playing an important role in the evolution of web development. Full Story: simplilearn

Artificial intelligence (AI) use in marketing — statistics & facts

While big companies are fueling money into AI marketing start-ups with the hopes of innovating their processes, Full Story: statista

The role of artificial intelligence in business in 2024

In business, artificial intelligence (AI) is more than just a trend; it’s a crucial tool reshaping how we approach marketing and customer engagement. Full Story: sproutsocial

Top 12 Most Useful AI Tools For Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) tool can be a valuable asset in your marketing strategies. Full Story: Knowinsiders

AI Tools for Business: 15 of The Best

Harnessing the power of AI tools has become a game-changer for small businesses. Full Story: Small Business Trends

Who Is a Business Intelligence Analyst and How To Become One?

The proliferation of IoT-connected devices, IoT-based sensors, ever-increasing internet users, Full Story: simplilearn

Microsoft Power BI vs Qualtrics: which data analysis tool is best?

Learn the differences between Microsoft Power BI and Qualtrics for data analysis to make informed decisions. Full Story: Bollyinside

AI Tools for Logos and Branding

Brand identity is the impact of a company’s visual elements — logos, colors, fonts. Full Story: PracticalEcommerce

The 17 Best Graphic Design Software (2024)

There are great apps to buy, but you’d be surprised what can be done without paying a single cent. Full Story: Lifewire

AI In Branding: Where Efficiency And Creativity Collide

Advancements in artificial intelligence, most notably in generative image technology and large language models, Full Story: Forbes

8 Tips for creating a bullet-proof digital brand strategy in 2024

Branding has always been an important part of building an audience and attracting new customers. Full Story: Maddyness

How to switch back to the Google Assistant from Gemini on your Android phone

Google’s Gemini app offers a fascinating glimpse into the power of advanced AI language models in your pocket. Full Story: Chrome Unboxed

How to connect Alexa to your TV for smart voice control

Though it’s commonly used with smart home devices like the Echo Pop and Echo Show 8, the Alexa voice assistant works just as well on most TVs. Full Story: digitaltrends

Do These 10 Things Now to Improve Your Amazon Alexa Experience

Supercharge your Echo with these tips. Full Story: How To Geek

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